Where’s The Outrage?

Trigger Warning: this post mentions sexual violence and cyber bullying. Proceed with caution if this is triggering for you. After the backlash against ABC’s Q and A for giving a platform for convicted criminal and accused terrorist sympathiser, Zaky Mallah, a tweet was exposed, threatening to gang rape journalists Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi written by Mallah himself. One thing I want to know is, where is the feminists? Where is the media and public condemnation of Mallah? To my knowledge, there has been virtually no media attention to this. Last week, I was furious when I heard about the raoe threats that Clementine Ford allegedly reciever on Facebook and it’s response when reported. The messages themselves were ignored, but when Ford published the messages, her account ended being deleted. Journalists and public figures are not immune to receiving repulsive abuse on social media. Earlier this year, a video was made of women reading out abusive tweets and Facebook posts about them. Some became very violent and repulsive.

Meanwhile, after last week’s ‘Q and A’, it came to light that he wrote a tweet (later deleted I think), about gang raping News Corp columnists Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi. That’s sickening! My question is, where is the media outrage? Why hasn’t there been a story on ‘The Project’ like there was for Clementine Ford? Why haven’t Mamamia done an online campaign condemning this?

Is if because they’re conservative?

Is it because they work at News Corp publications?

Because Miranda Devine’s an outspoken Catholic?

This is why feminism has become such a joke! So much for equality! How can feminists be expected to be taken seriously when tfhe feminists don’tceven stand up for other women. All women.



Oh FHS Enough of The Bachelor/ Bachelorette Already!

Mamamia seems OSESSED with The Bachelor/Bachelorette saga. Last year, they and other media outlets couldn’t get enough of it when Blake Garvey dumped Sam Frost after the televised proposal. It sent everyone nuts! People either thought that Garvey was Public Enemy No. 1 (the majority of the media), or a victim of a witch hunt (Miranda Devine).

Today, there was another article slamming the supposed sexism and ‘slut – shaming’ featured in the current series of ‘The Bachelorette’. Honestly, the show is nothing but cheap… well, I was going to say ‘ cheap entertainment’, but frankly, I won’t even call it that. I

There seems to be a pattern with reality TV. First series seems to be OK. The contestants are loveable, things seem fair and people like it. Everyone seemed to like Tim Rombards and his fiancé and winner Anna Henrich. Cute couple, I guess. After that though, it seems  to go downhill and quickly. Now, hearts are broken, people, are humiliated, and a also, desires are being exploited. The Bachelor saga, in my opinion, plays on desires and thrives on exploitation. People who enter these shows, particularly the women are having their hearts played with. The whole setup is so manipulative it’s almost sickening. I think it exploits the ‘contestants’. I think the women in particular, are almost taken advantage of emotionally, to be honest. They are wanting to find love, only to be humiliated and be taken for a ride. Not to mention the media circus that ensues: ‘did so – and – so and such – and – such sleep together?’ etc. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t know if I should say this, but I will anyway; ladies, be your own person. Don’t exploit your emotions or lose your personhood. Respect yourself enough not to be taken advantage of. Let love come to you when it’s meant to and love yourself in the process (that can be easier said than done, I won’t lie). Let’s hope the whole ‘Bachelor’ saga dies soon. This is the last time I’ll be writing about it, I hope.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Do you watch the series (whether in the US or Australia? What do you think?

Dear Women… Please Stop Whinging

I’ll say from the outset I’m not a mother, not married, and don’t live in a capital city. So, whether I have any right to say what I am about to, you can be the judge.

Women in Australia… please stop whinging!

Can’t make it to a carnival? Don’t go. Maybe explain to your kid/s why you can’t attend, but hey, if you can’t go, and there’s no way around it, can anyone blame you?

Let’s face it, women are each other’s worst enemies, which to me, is ridiculous. Like Jessica Rowe said on Studio Ten this morning, women don’t seem to grow out of the clique mentality. The context of this conversation was women being forced out of gyms either because they’re too fit and have reach their goals or too fat. Seriously, isn’t that what gyms are mostly used for: to get fit and lose weight?

This might sound cliched, but I think we should start looking at our blessings. Are you reasonably healthy? Be grateful, for heaven’s sake! Do you have children that you’ve always wanted? Well, there are couples and women who struggle with infertility that would love children. Are you employed and reasonably treated at work and good at your job? Well all power to you?

There’s a Nickelback song from back in the early 2000’s (2003, I think) called “Believe it or not”. The lyrics of the bridge (or part of it goes:

Most of us have nothing to complain about

Most of us have things we can live without

Seriously, so – called “first – world problems are becoming a joke! Be grateful for what you have. Do what you can and let go of what you can’t. Stop picking on each other. Enough!




If Not Wearing Make – Up Is Considered Brave What’s Going On?

On Sunday in Gaye Herald Sun’s weekly ‘Style’ magazine, there was an article questioning and challenging the way we used the term ‘bravery’. The columnist argued, for example that women not wearing make – up in a Twitter photo isn’t brave.

Well, it shouldn’t be.

Social media has, in effect, created another dimension to bullying and mental health discussion. For many people, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram, has unfortunately made it easier for bullies, or ‘trolls’ to get their fix by tearing someone down.

Not to mention how image – obsessed our culture is. That too has only been exacerbated by social media as well. But here’s the thing; very few people are completely honest about their lives online. And it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that people even use Photoshop on their online photos, creating an illusion.

So what can be done? It’s hard to say. People often say ‘just switch off’, but a part of me doubts that is going to work for a lot of people. I suppose the key thing is to maintain both a realistic perspective of things and to also try and build a healthy self – esteem which becomes unshaken by what others say. Easier said than done.And girls…. bring back the sisterhood; for all women. Let’s actually stand up for each other, rather than tear each other down. So what if Lily Lou or Mandy May don’t wear make up, or have n’t lost all their baby weight after two weeks after giving birth? I think it’s time to give each other, and ourselves, a bit of a break. The we can start using the term ‘bravery’ in more appropriate contexts.