Feminism and Able – ism In The Media

I was watching “Sunrise” this morning and they had a story about fashion items that can cause health concerns, such as corsets, skinny jeans and high – heel shoes. During the segment, co – host, Sam Armytage made a comment that their boss didn’t allow her, Natalie Barr or any of the other female journalists wear flat shoes during work.

Now, the potential health effects on high – heels, especially stilettos are well – known. Foot deformities, weakened ankles and the risk of broken bones are some of the well – known risks of prolonged stiletto wearing, especially over a long period of time. What I want to talk about is women, who can’t wear stilettos safely because of disability.

To me, this is just a perfect example of how, yet again, disabled women, particularly those with physical disabilities are automatically left out. People with a disability are already over – represented in unemployment statistics in Australia, with an estimated one in five people with a disability unemployed, as compared to the national average of six percent.

In general, I find the media in Australia hypocritical when it comes to equality. On one hand, they get on their high horses, even interview people who are marginalised and encourage employers, etc to give them a go, but what about the media outlets themselves? All media personalities are able – bodied! Not that it’s bad that journalists are able – bodied. All power to them, but where is the diversity that they so often go on about? Or, to be perfectly blunt, do they have the same prejudices against people with a disability that many, if not most, people have? I think I know the answer to that, unfortunately.


If Everyone Didn’t Care…

As women, there is ‘pressure’ to live a way that people think you’re ‘suppose to’ live. Now, I’m not immune to falling for advertising or taking an ‘expert’s’ words to heart. Pity that so much of the ‘advice’ is so contradictory.¬†We get that most of it is probably bollocks, or too good to be true, but we fall for it anyway.

What if we just didn’t care? Wouldn’t that be a weight off our shoulders. Sure you want to be the best friend/ partner/ parent you can be and be as healthy as you can. But surely your gut tells you what you need to know. You know in yourself whether or not, for example, you’re at a healthy weight. If you ned guidance in that area, or any other area of your life, then go for it! Other than that, just keep doing what your doing the best you can.