Why Is Abuse Of Some Women and Men Acceptable?

I read a post about appalling abuse hurled at “The Australian” female columnist Sharri Markson on Twitter by former Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton. Andrew Bolt asks the rhetorical question why Mia Freedman hasn’t condemned the vile abuse of Markson. I’m asking myself the same question, and not rhetorically.

Feminism has become a joke for this very reason! No one wants to hear a bar about feminist causes because, well, apparently not all women are worthy of being advocated for. To my knowledge, having had a quick look at the site this morning, I can’t find anything on Mamamia condemning Carlton for his appalling treatment of Markson. Or will they wait a few more weeks like they did with abuse aimed at Sydney’s Daily Telegraph columnist/ blogger, Miranda Devine?

Can we PLEASE stamp out bullying together? Of everyone? Can we criticise everyone who abuses people on Twitter regardless of political persuasion of the people involved? This just has to stop! I’ve written before on a (now deleted) blog condemning the abuse of other journalist like Andrew Bolt. Not because we share the same political ideals, but because it’s wrong! And it’s dangerous. I remember pointing out the tragic irony that he talked about the abuse he has experienced on-line, just weeks after New Zealand former model Charlotte Dawson was found dead fromr taking her own life after a long public battle with Twitter trolls. That sparked a debate about cyber – bullying and it’s impact. Bloggres like Herald Sun’s Susie O’Brien actually called for cyber – bullying to be outlawed, (Unfortunately, I’ve seen mean comments on her Herald Sun blog in the comments. It’s just ridiculous and cruel. Some of the abuse had been made public about two or so years ago (maybe more actually).

I was also disappointed with the reaction (or lack of), with the reaction when Zakky Mallah tweets about conservative journalists Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi, even though his tweets were vile. A post was published on Mamamia condemning the tweets, but, frankly, I thought it was too little too late.

So, here I am. I will stand for Sharri Markson. What Mike Carlton did was despicable and should never be tolerated. #Iwillstandforsharrimarkson. There, wonder if that’ll be the next Twitter craze. Or #iwillstandforallvictimsofonlineabuse or #putmikecarltonandalltwitterabusersinjailforlifeplusabillionyears (why not adopt the American criminal system? OK, the last one was a JOKE. Just to be clear. But I am serious about on – line bullying. It’s got to stop and it needs to stop now. Regardless who is the victim or who is the perpetrator.


Nudity and Social Media – Where Should The Line Be Drawn?

Yesterday on Mamamia, Kyanne Cassidy condemned photo sharing app, Instagram for deleting professional account owned by Melissa – Jean Wilberham called ‘Melissa Jean Photography. Reason? For being ‘sexually violating’. Wrong reason, because the photos mainly consist of women breastfeeding newborn babies. But, for some reason, at least in the photos posted on Mamamia, the women are completely nude. Why exactly? Now, to be clear, I’m not a mother, so I’m telling my opinion from the outside looking in. I’ve got to say, apart from the reasoning they gave, I’m with Instagram on this. Why did the women presented in the photos have to be completely naked, or at least topless, while breastfeeding? Not that it’s not a lovely thing to see a mother and newborn bonding, it’s gorgeous, but, frankly to me, the full frontal nudity or complete toplessness is unnecessary. Is this a case of double standards? Well apparently, they banned a phallic – looking egg – plant emoji… so maybe not? I have condemned Facebook more than once about their censoring standards, mostly because double – standards were evident. But with this case, I can’t honestly say it is. That brings me to a question: is nudity ever OK on social media platforms, and if so, when? Is it OK for women? Men? Trans people? Intersex? Where is the line drawn? Is it OK to show breasts when for breastfeeding? What about other times? ANC is it OK to have genitalia showing outside sexual contexts? (one of the photos banned from Instagram was of a woman in labour and the baby coming out of the vagina). Is any other nudity OK? Lastly, will the average woman see this is empowering or intimidating, due to the pictures being so lovely? Will this just make new mothers more insecure? Now, I’m not accusing WIlberham of anything, but will it be an unintended consequence because the pictures are so beautiful? I’m not saying her account should’ve been closed down or that women should have to hide when breastfeeding, but, to me, this case isn’t as black and white as what Cassidy made it out to be.