I Won’t Be Missing Cleo

I was in the local newsagent on Wednesday and checked out the magazines. The new (and final) issue of Cleo was out, as was the newest Cosmo. To be perfectly honest, what I found in Cleo didn’t surprise or excite me at all. I ended up getting just Cosmo. At least there’s still some interesting articles in it.

Look, Cleo played a major part in the history of feminism, women’s rights and women’s “sexual revolution” if you like for many years. I agree it’s made an impact. And, for the most part, it hasn’t been too bad. They even featured blogger Johanna Qualmann in an article about asexuality. I think it was one of the first major media outlets that I found a story on it. That was really good. They did talk about issues like sexism, careers and other topics really well.

But, in my opinion, six or more moths ago, I believe it fell off a cliff. I felt there were more ads in each issue and the articles just weren’t as good; it was the same old, same old. I didn’t find it empowering any more. I could barely relate to any of it any more.


The ending of the “Cleo” magazine is a loss, especially for journalism in this country. I do feel for all the staff, I really do and I do wish them the best for the future. I’m just disappointed on how “Cleo” ended up. I’m disappointed that such a revolutionary magazine that made such an impact in the ’70’s and ’80’s and even later ended the way it did. I’m disappointed that for the last couple of months, I didn’t even miss it when I did miss an issue. It’s a real shame. Now, wonder what the future of the media will be, especially for women.


Can We Stop The Gender Hype?

Can we get over the fact that Hillary Clinton may become America’s first female President? It’s just getting tiresome. If Clinton does win the Presidential race, will it change the lives of women across the nation? The world?

Doubt it.

We need to be more merit based. Whoever is the best person for the job, man, woman, etc, gets the job. That’s it.

Secondly, gender discrimination is not the only area where people face marginalisation. Sure, if she became President, Clinton may be a voice for cis gender, able – bodied, middle – class women, but what about lower – class women? The reason why I bring this up is that Clinton could NEVER successfully represent and speak for ALL women!

Third can be summed up in one word – merit. If men, women…. PEOPLE, can be rewawrded on merit, then that would be an ideal. Wouldn’t it?



I just heard that the whole ‘Hillary is a woman OMG’ has backfired. Sounds like people may not be buying into the hype. Her Democrat rival, Bernie Sanders sounds popular if the news I’ve heard is anything to go by. He is a good speaker, I must say, with what i’ve heard.