I’m A Feminist. And I Say Kick Madonna Out!

Columnist Andrew Bolt asks where are the feminists condemninhg pop singer Madonna for exposing the breast of a 17 – year – old fan.

Well, you can call me a feminist if you want. I say kick Madonna out of the country and don’t let her back for a long time. She’s a disgrace.


What’s In A Label?

On last night’s Q and A, Minister for Womwn, Michaelia Cash (not Michaela, apologies for that error last night), was asked whether she identified as a feminist. In response, Cash said that she didn’t care too much about labels, but gave into pressure by Mia Freedman and Penny Wong and reluctantly took on the label after expressiong passion for gender equality and putting an end to domestic violence.

I found the pressure for Cash to label herself a feminist was a bit much. It’s just that – a label. Labels, if used, should be a personal decision based on how an individual feels. So,why wouldn’t some people want to label themselves as feminists?

This came up a year or so ago with the – then Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop. Some conservative commentators theorised that Bishop didn’t identify as a feminist necause of the political ideology that often comes with the label. Maybe Cash feels the same way (if that’s how Bishop felt), who knows? And honestly WHO CARES?!

Are there issues that still need to be addressed in terms of gender equality? Of course. So let’s do the job that needs to be done! Let’s give more confidence to women to ask for pay rises or to be at a different rank (apparently one of the causes for the gender pay gap), let’s fight against domestic violence, make childcare more affordable, etc and forget the labels, or at least make them truly optional. Because a label is only a label if we don’t put anything behind it. It becomes more about semantics and endless unecessary talk, when it’s action that’s needed. I really like Mia Freedman’s work (a lot of it), and I respect the fact that she identifies as a feminist, but I disagree with her on the importance of the ‘feminist’ label. It’s a word. It’s the actions that count. Let Cash do her job. Any labels are up to her.


Did you watch Q and A last night? What do you think of the label ‘feminist’?




Mia Freedman on Q and A

Online publisher and former Cosmo Editor, Mia Freedman is set to appear on ABC’s Q and A tomorrow night. Minister for Women, Michaela Cash and Labor Senator, Penny Wong is set to be there too.

Feminism special? Wonder what’ll be bought up. I’ll be interested to find out. If it is about women’s rights or any topic ┬áthat I think is relevant to this blog, hopefully, I’ll write the post sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday. I mayask readers to share their thoughts on the issues also. Looking forward to it.