Amazing Woman: Why Haven’t We Heard About Her?

I read this article linked to a blog about Malawi woman, Chief Teresa Kachindamoto who has worked tirelessly to fight against under age marriage and campaigned to have the legal marriage age raised to 21. She done this while facing fierce opposition from

Since last year, Malawi law places the marriage age to 18, however, a loophole allows parents of children younger than 18 to marry them off. Kachindamoto has fought within her own tribe and demanded sub – chiefs make an agreement to annul current marriages where the girl was under age. Sub – chiefs who refused were suspended from the tribe.

Currently in Malawi, sexual assault of young girls is rampant, with one in five girls victims of sexual assault. Kachimindoto has also campaigned to have “cleansing ceremonies” for girls to be wiped out. Sub – chiefs have been threatened with expulsion from the role by Kachindamoto if they refuse to comply and end the practice. This practice is particularly concerning due to the high rates of HIV in Malawi.

As if that’s not enough, she also campaigns for education by funding the school fees of the children that she’d rescued from being married while under age.


What a powerful woman! Why is it only today that I read about it linked on Andrew Bolt’s blog? Why not Mamamia? Teresa Kachindamoto is inspirational for women and should be heard from!


Author: Sara Harnetty

I'm a student. Interested in current events, music and various issues.

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