Young women – it’s about time we talk about selfies

A porn site in which explicit images of mostly female students has been shut down. More and more, young women are having their lives shattered after an ex – boyfriend, maybe out of spite, shared provocative images of the woman on- line on a porn site, destroying the girl’s reputation in the process.

This has to stop. Of course, men need to start treating their exes with respect and not distribute these images. Delete them, rip them up, whatever. You DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHARE EXPLICIT IMAGES ON – LINE WITHOUT THE OTHER PERSON’S CONSENT.

In terms of school age girls under 18, the law gets involved. Anti – child pornography laws can be used against takers, carriers and distributors of any “sexting” images taken of anyone under the age of 18..


But women need to start taking responsibility as well. What about not taking sexually explicit pictures in the first place? What about developing a foundation of trust before even thinking about doing something like that? This may seem like I’m a dinosaur or prude, but… wait until your married to do that sort of thing (the image stuff, not necessarily the sex).


Women, it’s time to take your power back. That means taking some responsibility for your actions and your sexuality. If you want to have sex, fine. If you want to take videos/ pictures, realise that there is risk. If you are under 18, in Australia, if you take or distribute any explicit pictures, both you and your partner/s are breaking the law. Don’t do it.

We need an open and frank discussion about this. Women need to be told the risks and the possible legal implications. I think naivete in this is not acceptable. Sexting should not just be treated as “raging hormones” or just a natural progression in a sexual relationship. It’s an action that has potential consequences and should be treated as such. Women need to be told to own and be responsible for their own sexuality. This shouldn’t be used to blame victims of assault or having pictures taken of them without their consent (both of which needs to be condemned). This is about women, in particular, taking steps to keep themselves and their reputations in tact. I believe that women (and men), should be given the power to place boundaries and be able to reject any unwanted behaviour. It needs to become a responsibility for everybody. If not, more lives are going to be needlessly destroyed.



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