Enough of mocking Malania Trump

Now that Donald Trump will be the President of the US, apparently, his wife, Malania is fair game.


Look, I can understand why people are concerned about Trump. I wrote about this in my post about the #safetypin campaign. But isn’t this racist and sexist? If anyone mocked Hillary like that, or Michelle Obama, there’d be outrage. But because she’s going to be First Lady with Donald Trump as President, it’s OK? I get why Andrew Bolt says “with the Left, it’s not the principle, but the side. If it was any other woman, the chance of this being tolerated would be nil.


It makes me think, when it comes to the treatment of women, whether it’s violence, mocking, teasing, etc, I can really see why people treat the Third Wave of Feminism as a complete joke – an unfunny one at that. On one hand, even the slightest offensive thing that’s said about… say Julia Gillard is condemned outright. Now, I argue that some of the treatment she received while she was Prime Minister in 2011 – 2012 –  like broadcaster Alan Jones saying that Gillard’s father “died of shame” only days after he died was appalling. He later apologised. Some of the things Trump said, especially on the tape about women was disgusting. Most people rightly condemned these comments. They were insensitive (on Jones’ part) and downright appalling on President – elect Trump’s part. Yet, there is nothing that I can see on Mamamia or Ravishly – site that’s usually good talking about not just women’s issues but racial diversity as well. Still, nothing. Now I get what Andrew Bolt means when he says: “with so many on the Left, it’s not the principle, but the side”.


Women like Mia Freedman try to argue about how important feminism and gender equality is. Well, how about start by treating all women as if they matter? How about condemning all sexism and racism, not just for a few? Otherwise millennials will keep running away from feminism and we’ll just be continued to be painted as nothing more than hypocrites.

Maybe I’m missing something. Have you seen any article, video, etc from a woman’s site condemning the mockery of Melania Trump? If you have, feel free to post the link in the comments section.



This U.S. Election wasn’t about gender

‘The Project’ has received a backlash after this heated exchange between Mamamia’s Jamila Rizvi, 2GB’s Steve Price and Carrie Bickmore. This occurred in the aftermath of the U.S Election. Jamila, Carrie and former Big Brother host, Gretel Kileen were lamenting how Hillary Clinton didn’t become the first female President.

A part from agreeing with the anger of how both Rizvi and Bickmore pounced on Price, in my opinion, the U.S election WASN’T about gender! I agree with other commentators who have said that it was a backlash against the pokitical class and corruption.

That aside, this reminds me of the big hoo haa when Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister in Australia back in 2012. Rather than it being seen as a ‘victory’ for women, it only exposed the severe fracture in the Labor Party – a fracture that has negatively affected the party ever since.

Unfortnately, Hillary Clinton’s reputation went down the gutter. Questions over e – mails, corruption in her ‘Clinton Foundation’ and her handling of allegations of sexual assaukt aginst her husband and former President, gave her absolutely no credibility.   Like Gillard, Clinton wasa symbol of corruption and lack of integrity. Her claims of standing for women, African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics and the gay community ended up falling on deaf ears after all the allegations, including giving funds to Saudi Arabia, a kingdom well – known for publicly executing gays and also being condemned for human rights abuses against women.


This election was a revolt against corruptionand what wasn’t working. It was a revolt against people who felt like they were being cornered. It was about people who were sick of not being heard when they raised concerns. This was a backlash against the overt – PC culture that has flooded the U.S. (and has come here to a lesser extent). People want to be heard! They want their voices back! This is, I believe the reason why Trump won. I can understand why it might make people uncomfortable. People have expressed fears about what might happen. I’ve expressed my own fears, especially on the issue of LGBT rights and anti – discrimination legislation. I sincerely hope that Americans don’t face a back pedal from the steps torward that have been taken. It still doesn’t change my view that Clinton didn’t lose because she is a woman. She lost because people found the voice to oppose the political narrative that the voters thought had gone on for too long.