Modesty and Feminism

I was just reading a post on modesty, which I found interesting. I just wanted to add my views.

Ever since I was a teenager, (or no earlier than my early 20’s), I’ve never understood why the responsibility should be solely placed on women on how they are viewed and treated by men. I have always been outraged when I hear in the news about such issues potentially affecting a court case. In my mind, every individual is responsible for their own actions, not someone else.

So, is there any room for modesty? Yes. Let me explain.

People dress the way they feel, and it’s not just to do with sexuality. Some women may like to accentuate their curves and should be able to without fear. I think the key, though, is to do it out of confidence not desperation. Of course, dress on a way that also suits the context of where you are of where you’re going. This goes for both men and women. I know, for example, that many clubs don’t usually permit thongs (type of shoe they only covers the bottom of the foot). So, dress to fit the context of where you are and something you’re truly comfortable in. What that means is usually up to you and is not up to anyone else to dictate to you what if should be.

For those who who say can’t help but jeer at a woman because of how she’s dressed, turn your head. Or think of her as a sister, or if you’re older, a daughter. Treat the woman the way you’d treat them. Is that so hard?

I’m not trying to bad a man – hater. I’m really not. I just think it’s time that we as a society (and worldwide), change our approach on how we view women and what they wear.