If You Want Sex, You Ask. If The Person Resists Or Doesn’t Give Consent, Game Over

I read before on another blog, it was alleged that a male MP, Gavin King partly blamed women for becoming victims of rape. This has to stop! Is it just me or is this attitude become rampant in society?

Why is it so hard for people to get that ‘no means no’? It’s not just men that have this attitude either. Women have also admitted that they think women could provoke attackers. A survey last year exposed how scarily prevalent the attitude is, with about a third of respondents saying that women were at least partly responsible if they were assaulted.

There is a flip side to this. Media personalities like former Cosmopolitan (Australian) editor and blogger Mia Freedman and Herald Sun columnist and blogger, Susie O’Brien have both received vitriolic abuse on social media for even suggesting that women should keep themselves safe when out in public. They were (wrongly) accused of victim blaming (anyone who has looked at either of their blogs would know without a shadow of a doubt that neither of them condone violence toward women, or anybody, for that matter).

We should ALWAYS put the blame of violence squarely on the perpetrators, not the victims. However,people shouldn’t be condemned for giving women tips on how to remain safe, especially if the advice is backed up (for example meeting dates for the first time in a well – lit crowded public area or having a friend with you when meeting the person. This isn’t (or shouldn’t be labelled as), victim blaming. Shouldn’t we all be open to hearing how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe?