Mia Freedman: admirable writer and speaker

Just saw this speech from Mia Freedman about feminism and sex work last year. This was a few years after her comments on sex work on ABC’s Q and A which copped a lot of condemnation from other feminists – especially on Twitter.

I really love the way she spoke and I really admire her as a writer and commentator. Regardless on what you think on what she stands for whether on gay marriage, asylum seekers, sex work, or other issues, etc, I don’t think you can deny her passion, dedication and zeal for the issues she writes/ speaks about. I think she’s very authentic and speaks from the heart.

I haven’t always agreed with her or the way she’s gone about things and have expressed it a few times, including on one of my blogs, but never the less, her passion is admirable. Her talent for writing is undeniable. And she’s a great speaker. In the video, she didn’t stumble over her words once. Who wouldn’t like to be that good at public speaking!

As I have said before, she is a brilliant ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Despite what I think are her mistakes, her allyship is evident and, at least on my part, is appreciated. Her part in asexuality visibility will never be forgotten.

Her recent aim to ‘burst her bubble’ and talk to people she fundamentally disagrees with was very interesting to listen to. She admitted that she listened to/ read and interacted with people she agreed with politically and in the wake of the Donald Trump victory. In a bid to open her mind, she talked to ‘Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray, Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt. I applaud all who were involved. All the hree conversations were very cordial on both ends. Freedman was very calm, and wasn’t combative at all. Murray, Devine and Bolt should also be commended for their conduct. It’s nice to hear such friendliness in amidst of never – ending reports of disrespect and a lack of acknowledgement of each other’s humanity. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos!


I truly think that Mia Freedman is people can look up to as a writer. She, along with others like Andrew Bolt definitely inspire me to keep writing and keep improving, including in times I really doubt whether I’m good enough to do this and take my writing further. For that, I’m grateful.






Where’s The Outrage?

Trigger Warning: this post mentions sexual violence and cyber bullying. Proceed with caution if this is triggering for you. After the backlash against ABC’s Q and A for giving a platform for convicted criminal and accused terrorist sympathiser, Zaky Mallah, a tweet was exposed, threatening to gang rape journalists Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi written by Mallah himself. One thing I want to know is, where is the feminists? Where is the media and public condemnation of Mallah? To my knowledge, there has been virtually no media attention to this. Last week, I was furious when I heard about the raoe threats that Clementine Ford allegedly reciever on Facebook and it’s response when reported. The messages themselves were ignored, but when Ford published the messages, her account ended being deleted. Journalists and public figures are not immune to receiving repulsive abuse on social media. Earlier this year, a video was made of women reading out abusive tweets and Facebook posts about them. Some became very violent and repulsive.

Meanwhile, after last week’s ‘Q and A’, it came to light that he wrote a tweet (later deleted I think), about gang raping News Corp columnists Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi. That’s sickening! My question is, where is the media outrage? Why hasn’t there been a story on ‘The Project’ like there was for Clementine Ford? Why haven’t Mamamia done an online campaign condemning this?

Is if because they’re conservative?

Is it because they work at News Corp publications?

Because Miranda Devine’s an outspoken Catholic?

This is why feminism has become such a joke! So much for equality! How can feminists be expected to be taken seriously when tfhe feminists don’tceven stand up for other women. All women.


Kudos To The Daily Telegraph

I was watching Q and A on Monday night, while tweeting. Sydney’s Daily Telegraph’s columnist Joe Hilderbrand wrote a tweet:

I got to admit, at first, I thought he was pulling people’s leg (he sometimes gets in trouble for his humour on “Studio 10), but, with a little bit of research, I found out, it’s actually true! There are heaps of female columnists that work for the Daily Telegraph! These include, Miranda Devine (of course), Sarrah Le Marquand and Annette Sharp. They’re “Opinion” columnists. They are in the same position as such personalities such as Andrew Bolt, Andrew Clennell and Simon Benson.

I wrote a post a few months ago about whether women were being discriminated against in the journalism industry, especially women over 40. Honestly, finding this out on Monday night was a pleasant surprise.

It’s great to see the biggest papers in the country. from the Murdoch Press (Newscorp) giving women a go, particularly in the editorial/ opinion roles. I get people don’t always agree with the likes of Miranda Devine… I don’t. But her voice is out there, as well as the other women I’ve mentioned, and, to me, that’s got to stand for something, doesn’t it?

Also, their not all 20 something’s either. At least two I know are over 40. OK, yes, they may have started when they were in their early 20’s, but the fact is, they’re still there! That’s a contrast to the “Channel Ten” controversy over the sacking of a female news reporter a few years ago which sparked accusations of sexism and ageism in the media (I wrote to also the controversy over Melissa Doyle leaving “Sunrise”. Fortunately for them they curbed a complete backlash by putting her on the 4.30 timeslot to replace John Mangos (well, he was the one I usually saw on there).


Does that mean that there is no sexism in the media industry in Australia? No. But I think it’s good to see that one of Australia’s major newspapers do value women’s contribution to news media. I think it should be applauded.